Rexroth IndraSize – Turbo for Drive Sizing

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    Want to create the optimum drive configuration in less than 5 minutes: The sizing software for all Rexroth IndraDrive and IndraDyn components simplify the optimum configuration of Rexroth's generation of intelligent drives.

    IndraSize combines the sizing calculation of all standard drive mechanisms with the description of sector-specific technological functions and typical applications.

With its IndraSize software, Rexroth now makes it easier to calculate the optimum sizes of drive controllers, motors and mechanical transmissions. Thanks to the user-friendly interface it takes just a few minutes to specify the dimensions of all standard drive mechanisms such as

  • ball screws (rotating nut or screw)
  • rack and pinion
  • belt and pulley
  • linear direct drive
  • rotary table
  • rollers
  • rotary knife
  • winder
  • roll feed

The motion sequence of the application can be configured freely with data of the kinematics and selection of the laws of motion. If the motion sequence can not be determined, the sizing can also be calculated with the relative duty cycle. For very complex motion sequences a cam table from Rexroth's CamBuilder software can be imported in XML format. In addition, IndraSize allows typical applications to be described in a very simple form by parameter input.

Applications such as

  • winders
  • flying cut off
  • roll feed
  • rotary knife

can be configured for the optimum drive solution in very little time.

The software also provides a database of optimized motor/controller combinations for

  • servo drives (rotary and linear)
  • S1 drives (printing machine applications)
  • main spindle drives

As the result the user always obtains the most economical drive – without expensive oversizing.

This engineering tool from Rexroth covers the whole range of IndraDrive drives as well as all categories of the IndraDyn motor range. These include rotary synchronous and asynchronous servo motors as well as linear, torque and high-speed motors.

Download Description Filesize
Current software IndraSize as ZIP-File. Read the installation notes 46 MB
Update file Current update as a 7z file 3.32 MB