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Interactive Fluid Office (IFO)

IFO - the tool to create circuit layouts

With the interactive Fluid Office constructors and project engineers have access to more than 22.500 symbols of the fluid technology. The creation of symbols manually is no longer required. You solve your project tasks faster and more efficiently with Bosch Rexroth technology.


System Requirements

Win XP, Vista, Win7

Full version of AutoCAD or ACAD Mechanical 2002 - 2012


Performance characteristics:

  • Comprehensive symbol library of Bosch Rexroth fluid products
  • Circuit creation based on AutoCAD
  • Access via Bosch Rexroth - type codes or material number
  • Import or export of parts list
  • Rotating and mirroring of symbols
  • Integratet block editor for symbol adjustments
  • Integratet generator for HSR-manifold plates
  • Creation and management of customized symbols
  • Continious updates
  • High quality standard, ISO 1219-1