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Hardware implementation

Sercos is installed on all Rexroth control systems as the standard communication bus. Third-parties have the option of offering Sercos on their own systems. The following hardware connectivity is available:

Communications Controller:

A communications controller is used to provide Sercos connectivity

  • based on an FPGA logic chip or
  • as a general-purpose multi-protocol Ethernet controller

Various versions of the Xilinx "Spartan 3" and Altera "Cyclone II" FPGA chips are available for Sercos. The Sercos software core can also be added to existing FPGA solutions. The Hilscher "netX" multi-protocol Ethernet controller supports Sercos master and slave connectivity. All of the controllers are available in a number of versions which cover the performance spectrum from simple I/O controllers and drives to master controllers and control systems.


SERCANS III PC plug-in board

Fully-assembled SERCANS expansion boards can be used to connect standard PCs to a Sercos network. Versions are available for PC bus systems such as PCI.

Starter/evaluation kits

To make the transition to Sercos even easier, PCI boards for standard PCs along with master or slave software are available for training purposes. There are also WinCE drivers for X86 platforms.