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Engineering via configuration

From engineering, to configuring and commissioning, through to maintenance: Configuring, commissioning, diagnosing, and maintaining Sercos networks is very simple. Focus on the application – Sercos will structure your network and help keep it running smoothly.

All devices are connected to standard industrial CAT5e cables. After a brief initialization phase, the network is synchronized and ready to be used. Hot-plugged devices are synchronized with the network during operation and are automatically connected.


  • Commissioning without presettings thanks to automated device recognition and address assignment. As required: Individual address preselection or hard address preassignment via selector switch
  • Automatic recognition and compensation of duplicate address assignments
  • No cabling errors during commissioning and maintenance: Both ports of a device work identically and do not need to be distinguished from each other when connecting
  • Easy spare parts inventory: Patch and crossover cables are fully interchangeable
  • Commissioning without master hardware possible: Service laptops are easily connected to the Sercos network
  • Full range of diagnostics options: Automatic recognition, localization, and compensation of cable failures
  • Transparency by way of clear network status available at all times (accessible using standard Ethernet diagnostics tools)
  • Maintenance: Repairs and modifications can be made to the plant without compromising the remaining network thanks to hot plugging
  • Remote maintenance via the Internet possible worldwide