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Ethernet – the simplest is the best

The increasing number of sensors, actuators, and control components in industrial automation plants gives rise to more complex control networks. Adapting powerful, versatile, and cost-effective Ethernet standards to industrial automation requirements is the key to the future of industrial communication solutions. Specialized fieldbus systems were initially used to simplify networking. These were replaced by the popular Fast Ethernet technology, which offers a variety of benefits:

  • Recognized, widespread, and forward-looking technology
  • 10 to 100 times higher data throughput rates than with fieldbuses
  • Costs comparable with analog interfaces:
    • No expensive or proprietary hardware required
    • Based on widespread standard components: Double-shielded CAT5e copper cable, standard connectors and controllers with high production quantities (e.g. FPGAs)
  • Broad-reaching IT concepts with an integrated transmission medium from office to field level
  • Flexible and compatible automation systems thanks to transparent international standard
  • Possibility of global networking for diagnostics and maintenance purposes

Field buses can also be connected to an Ethernet system, depending on the functionality of the control hardware. This allows you to continue using your current investments.