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Sercos safety

Sercos safety data container for transferring all safety-related data

CIP Safety is the protocol defined in conjunction with the ODVA and certified in accordance with the IEC 61508 SIL3 standard that is based on CIP Safety mechanisms for transferring safety-relevant signals via Sercos. An additional safety bus is not required, since the safe data is cycled in real time in addition to the standard data of the Sercos network. Integrating drive, peripheral, and safety buses as well as standard Ethernet communication into a single network simplifies handling and reduces hardware and installation costs. This makes it possible to conveniently realize integrated safety controls and homogeneous safety solutions.

CIP Safety on Sercos means:

  • Use of the CIP Safety standard for protocol backup
  • Adaptation of CIP Safety on Sercos
  • Sercos specific safety profiles


CIP Safety on Sercos safely transfers data using the same medium and connection as for standard communication. Safe communication is possible at all network levels, including for direct cross-communication. The master does not have to be a safety control and can also route the data without interpreting it.

Safety-relevant data is transferred in a safety data container, which is stored in the respective real-time device channel (AT or MDT) as for standard data. Integrating the drive, peripheral, and safety buses lowers investment costs and enables integrated safety control and homogeneous safety applications.