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What Can You Build With Rexroth Aluminum Framing?

Instead of using old-fashioned steel to build structures, aluminum framing stock components can be used to assemble these structures faster and cheaper.

Many industries have used our aluminum framing products for their unique manufacturing needs. So, we've pulled together a collection of some of these aluminum framing applications and have listed them here. Simply choose a category below for further details or send us a quick email for more information.

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Workstations/Lean Applications

Workstations and Lean Aluminum Framing Applications

Lean manufacturing is made easy with our aluminum framing workstations, known as Manual Production Systems (MPS). Based on our easy-to-reconfigure aluminum framing, you can configure your lean system exactly as you need it. It's robust enough to stand up to hundreds of changes - so you can meet your customers' changing demands without wasting your original investment.

Machine Frames and Bases

Machine Frames and Bases

Our machine frames and bases ensure that every structure you build has a sturdy, secure foundation. With a wide variety of aluminum framing products you are sure to create the perfect structure to meet your business' needs.

Architectural Applications

Architectural Aluminum Framing Applications

Our aluminum framing products provide everything to build anything. And that is exactly what some of our customers found out when they decided to use aluminum framing for something besides a manufacturing environment.

With a little creative thought they, along with Bosch Rexroth engineers, came up with some pretty interesting applications. Applications such as:

Cleanroom and Medical Applications

Cleanroom and Medical Framing Applications

Machine builders and assemblers worldwide have come to depend on our high-performance products, including our aluminum framing, for their cleanroom and medical manufacturing needs. Rexroth products help to shorten time to market, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Machine Guarding Applications

Our machine guarding products provide a good way for you to protect your workers and equipment with physical enclosures, guards and barriers. These products assemble easily from standard components and installation is a snap.

Aerospace Applications

Aerospace Industry Aluminum Framing Applications

Our aluminum framing products provide everything to build anything. We want to share these photos with you as an ideal example of the aircraft maintenance application. Once again our customers found ways to use aluminum framing for something different from typical project in manufacturing environment.

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