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Cleanroom Profile System

Over the years, companies worldwide have come to rely on Bosch Rexroth for technical innovations to improve product quality, productivity and profits. The Rexroth Aluminum Structural Framing System, as an alternative to welded steel, is one of these innovations, saving companies time and money, and providing them with infinite flexibility. Now Bosch Rexroth brings this tradition of innovation to cleanrooms with a versatile product offering designed (and independently certified) to give cleanroom manufacturers all of the flexibility of Rexroth's aluminum framing system.

Unmatched Fit and Finish - Because All Manufacturing is Clean

Fit and finish has always been a hallmark of Rexroth’s aluminum framing system. All connectors, accessories and extrusions mate up properly with dozens of ease-of-use features designed in. In fact, because of this attention to detail, 60% of the product offering has been cleanroom ready for years. Bosch Rexroth knows that even if you don't manufacture in a class 1000 cleanroom, you want your equipment to look clean and professional in addition to holding up to years of use.


Modular, Flexible, Easy-to-Use

Easy to assemble, bolt-together construction allows maximum flexibility using only simple hand tools. The Cleanroom Profile System eliminates particulate-trapping surfaces, minimizes out-gassing and enhances airflow with thoughtfully engineered components. Now it's easier than ever to build machine bases, material shuttles, tables, cabinets, and almost anything else for every level of clean production.