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EcoSafe™ Guarding System

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The Versatility of EcoSafe™

Bosch Rexroth offers the versatility of EcoSafe™, a wide range of machine and perimeter guarding options for creating physical enclosures, guards, and barriers to protect workers. EcoSafe™ panels assemble and install easily from standard components. Partitions can be constructed of wire mesh screens, protective panes or panels, and then mounted directly into T-slot profiles that have already been integrated into a system.

Easy and Inexpensive

The Bosch Rexroth EcoSafe™ Guarding System gives you more flexibility and versatility than any other perimeter guarding/enclosure system available. With pre-assembled, ready-to-use components, EcoSafe™ is easy to plan, quick to install and integrates easily with other structures made from Rexroth aluminum framing, such as conveyors, ergonomic workstations and custom machinery.

Safe and Attractive

EcoSafe™ can be installed to meet even the most stringent safety standards and is ideal for perimeter guarding, machine enclosures, and factory fencing. The clean lines and anodized aluminum surface provide an attractive, modern appearance, while at the same time keeping your plant safe and secure.

Fast and Efficient

Installing EcoSafe™ is a snap. Mark the desired perimeter with a simple chalk line, anchor the support posts to the floor and install the convenient “hook and hang" brackets; now you're ready to hang the panels. Two screws each and you're done! The same easy-to-use design makes it easy to relocate, expand or change your guarding too--with minimal time and labor.