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ID 40 – The RFID System with direct Field Bus Connection

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Rapid, high-level access

Using the ID 40 identification and data storage system means that all product and process-related data in the MDT mobile data carrier are stored directly at the workpiece carrier and accompany it through the assembly process. This remote data storage guarantees rapid, high-level access.

Choice of field bus connection

The ID 40 offers a choice of three field bus variants:

  • CANopen
  • Interbus S

The firmware version 4.0 provides an integrated web server. This enables the user to view and change not only the SLK’s parameters and diagnostic data, but also application data from a mobile data tag (MDT) using web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox from a PC or notebook without the need for extra software. You can download the firmware which can be used to upgrade also older SLKs as well as the current handbook in the right menu under "Product documentation and software".

Electronic flow slip

As an electronic flow slip, the Identsystem ID 40 also offers the following advantages:

  • Compact design (42 x 28 x 20 mm)
  • An almost unlimited number of read/write cycles ensures a useful life of ten years, even when used for short-cycle applications
  • Optional 2 or 8 kByte memory capacity for storing all product and process-relevant data
  • Diagnosis funtion with illuminated text display
  • Variety of installation options: data tag can be read from three sides; write head antenna can be turned and swivelled
  • Resistant against water, cutting fluid and cleaning agents, etc.(degree of protection IP 68)

Versatile head

All data is written to the data carrier via the SLK read/write head and made available for access again.

The advantages it offers are:

  • Standard assembly kit for simple installation in all transfer systems
  • Rapid transfer of data
  • No external evaluation device required, since the field bus is connected directly to the SLK