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EcoShape Library



EcoShape offers you the opportunity to configure your workstations exactly the way you want them. The result for your employees: maximum comfort, maximum ergonomics and maximum support of routine work.

Material shuttles

Ergonomics and mobility are of central importance in your industrial production: EcoShape flow rack systems by Rexroth combine these two aspects in an ideal manner.


Flow and transport racks

An ideal material flow is one of the major factors for producing efficiently. EcoShape's round pipes allow you to design the racks fitting your requirements. Thus, you can be assured that all parts and tools are right there where you need them in your assembly line.

Assembly stations

Fast and efficient do not only perfectly describe the EcoShape components, but also your teams at the assembly line will work faster and more efficiently: Every part and tool is immediately at hand, for example in ergonomic skewed positioned containers.