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The Next Dimension in Tubular Framing Systems


Versatile for your applications

EcoShape is unmatched in its versatility:

It makes an almost unlimited number of designs possible with just a few components. The only tubular framing system of its kind, it is T-slot enabled and fully compatible with the profiles in Rexroth's Basic Mechanical Elements aluminum modular profile system and Manual Production Systems. So you have even more freedom to design professional, custom workstations, material shuttles, and flow racks to meet your needs, as well as many other applications.

EcoShape means versatility:

  • Unmatched flexibility for the widest variety of combinations and configurations
  • Create versatile and uniform applications
  • Achieve high stability with aluminum profiles and ingeniously engineered connection technology
  • Professionally extend and optimize existing production lines

N10, 45 adapter to connect EcoShape D28L round tubes with MGE 45x45 profiles via an integrated 10 mm groove or with a central bolt

EcoShape shows its strength when coming up with new designs or extending old ones for custom applications to meet your changing needs.

Ingeniously-designed connectors that fit the components from our existing modular systems make this system truly unique.

EcoShape round tubes can be integrated as a slide rail using the XLean adapter


As a result, manual production tasks benefit from an entire system that can be easily and professionally expanded to handle new requirements as they arise.

D28L/N10 tube clip to integrate e.g. material shelves in an EcoShape frame