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Practical Tip:
Proper lighting is the key to quality work!


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Optimum lighting at the workstation increases productivity and well-being!

The right lighting, adapted to the activity at the workstation, is a basic prerequisite for high efficiency and processing quality.

Optimum lighting prevents fatigue, improves concentration, and reduces the risk of errors.

In addition to climate, noise, mechanical vibrations, and hazardous substances, lighting is another environmental factor that must be taken into consideration.

Rexroth system lamps support just this!

Energy savings thanks to electronic lamp ballasts!

Electronic lamp ballasts reduce energy consumption by up to 25%. Furthermore, they extend the fluorescent lamps’ service life by 50% and provide flicker-free light – an important factor from an ergonomic point of view. This makes them particularly suitable for high vision requirements.

Lighting must allow for easy visibility of objects!

Important aspects for planning workstation lighting include:

  • Avoid strong contrasts
  • Avoid glare and reflection

Do you need assistance in determining the correct lighting strength? Then contact our sales offices. Our free ergonomics guidebook awaits you!

Quick installation and commissioning ensure low costs and a high level of safety!

Pre-assembled connection cables with plugs simplify system lamp installation at the workstation, enabling quick and safe installation, even without an electrician. Socks and power strips round out our energy supply offering for the workstation.

Product overview:

  • Glare-free light of the highest quality (quality class A according to DIN 5035-T2)
  • With electronic lamp ballast for flicker-free light (> 25 kHz)
  • With three GST outlet sockets for looping through the electrical current
  • Very inexpensive to operate (low power consumption, long life)
  • Low weight
  • Suitable for use at ESD workstations
  • SL 78 electronic: attached to a strut extension (workstations with a width of 990 mm) or to a hanger (workstations with a width ≠ 990 mm)
  • SL 48 electronic: attached to a hanger
  • SL 36 electronic: attached to the vertical strut of the strut extension

Protection class: IP 20 (IEC 529)

Housing material: aluminum, anodized

Scope of delivery: includes fluorescent tubes and insulating fastening kit (10 mm slot)

Required accessories: mains cable or connection cable as applicable