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The Next Dimension in Tubular Framing Systems


Simple to handle

It's child's play to create new solutions or expand existing ones with EcoShape:

Intelligent connector technology easily accommodates small tolerance differences to make it easier to machine the round tubes directly on site.

As a result, you can improve your production continuously with minimal additional effort, adapting quickly to changing requirements – in accordance the kaizen principle.

Simplicity is what makes EcoShape the new shape of lean:

  • Create the perfect configuration in no time with MTpro planning software
  • Implement practical applications almost anywhere in record time with only 14 standard components
  • Cut, assemble, and handle with ease – even right at the work site
  • Quickly create reliable and stable connections
  • Simply set up new applications or optimize and expand existing ones with surprisingly little effort

Details that matter

Simple, error-free application is a strong argument for EcoShape. Although it is easy to assemble, EcoShape’s intelligent and sophisticated design ensures a sturdy connection and outstanding resistance to unwanted rotation and torsion.

Connections are completely reliable and maintenance-free, while virtually any conceivable design is easy to implement