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TS Conveyors - Basic Principles of Operation

Rexroth TS conveyors use the "power & free" principle to carry work-piece pallets that ride on twin strands of transport media, either belt, flat top chain or roller chain which are contained in two t-slotted edgerails. This arrangement leaves an open center for transfer, positioning, orientation, and work processing modules.

Controlled sliding friction propels the pallets along until encountering a stop gate or another pallet. Pallet(s) can slide on the low back pressure transport media and accumulate to provide non-synchronous cycle operation.

Rexroth conveyors can be configured into cycle independent spur lines or work loops to balance line flow and ensure even throughput. Pallets are sized optimally for the work and its weight. Pallet size determines the rail spacing. Typically, pallets are precision machined with accurate locator bushings which allow positioners to hold pallets within +/-0.02mm for automated processes.