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TS 2pv Conveyors - for the solar industry


Why Choose the TS 2pv Conveyor?

Rexroth's new TS 2pv transfer system can directly transport photovoltaic modules in thin-film and silicon cell technology. TS 2pv is based on the proven TSplus transfer technology, has been customized to suit the specific demands in the solar industry and is ideal for standardized series production with high-volume, top-quality output.

Thanks to their closed surface and a special treatment, the system’s toothed belts feature particularly low friction and wear. The TS 2pv fulfills the requirements for cleanroom class 6 (DIN EN ISO 14644-1) and can be used throughout ESD environments. As accumulation of solar components is not permitted during transport, each section element has its own drive. Frequency converters enable the soft stop and accelerating operations required for the sensitive solar products. Depending on the module size, users can select from various conveyor sections with multiple tracks and lengths of up to 6m.

Rexroth also offers the lift transfer units to move the products from longitudinal to transverse conveyors. A special heat-resistant conveyor version is available for applications such as transporting hot glass plates with temperatures of up to almost 200° C.

As with all of Rexroth's other transfer systems, the pre-assembled and ready-to-use TS 2pv components can be freely combined with elements from our Manual Production Systems and aluminum framing products.