Servo Motors

Product Focus: MS2N Synchronous Motor

More torque, higher speeds, a practical single-cable connection and an extensive options program: The new MS2N motor generation combines high dynamics with compact dimensions and excellent energy efficiency. A selection of rotors with lower and medium inertia is available for optimal alignment of motor and load inertia.


MS2N Synchronous Motor product advantages

  • High power density for compact machines: high torque density, increased speed range, high energy efficiency
  • Maximum torque of up to 360 Nm and maximum rotational speeds of up to 9,000 rpm
  • Single-cable connection for reduced installation effort: up to 75 m of cable without additional components
  • Intelligent within IndraDrive system: servo motor as a reliable sensor and data source, real-time processing
  • Motor options with forced ventilation and water cooling
  • New encoder option with certified safety up to SIL3 PLe

The IndraDyn Servo Motor Family


Build high-throughput, high-performance machines and production lines powered with Rexroth IndraDyn electric servo motors, linear motors, torque motors and gearboxes. Rexroth’s complete line of motion control servo motors feature a unique variety of synchronous and asynchronous motor designs, all engineered to deliver the high-speed, reliable, cost-effective performance today’s factory automation applications require.

The IndraDyn Servo Motor Family

IndraDyn Motors and Gearboxes Description
IndraDyn A Air-cooled asynchronous servo motors (MAD) and liquid-cooled asynchronous servo motors (MAF) for power levels from 10 to 100 kW
IndraDyn H Synchronous high-speed motors for maximum torque up to 6,500 Nm and speeds up to 30,000 rpm
IndraDyn L Powerful synchronous linear motors for feed forces from 200 to 22,000 N
IndraDyn S Synchronous servo motors (MSK) for all requirements, from 1 to 260 Nm and synchronous servo motors for explosive environments (MKE), from 1 to 100 Nm
IndraDyn T Synchronous torque motors with torque ratings up to 13,800 Nm and rotary speeds up to 2,000 rpm
1MB Asynchronous high-speed motors for smooth operation and high torque density
Gearboxes Standard (GTE) and high-performance (GTM) planetary gearboxes for servo motors