SafeLogic Compact


Designed for deployment in safety applications on small and mid-size machines.

Scalable safety is made easy to implement with the SafeLogic compact from Bosch Rexroth. It is the ideal solution for safe logic processing in small to mid-range machines. The control expands as the number of peripherals increases. Defined functional modules and graphic wiring simplify configuration and speed up the commissioning process.

Up to four safety controls may be networked via the Enhanced Function Interface (EFI), Each control may operate a different functional area of the machine, and cells may be taken offline independently for maintenance or in the case of unneeded processes, while operation and safety functionality is retained in the rest of the network. This decentralized functionality offers the most flexibility while still providing the safety function.

Design and programming tools make implementing SafeLogic compact simple and efficient

A powerful, easy to use graphical tool called SafeLogic Designer allows you to configure, parameterize, program, commission, and run diagonostics on the SafeLogic compact. Drag & drop features, libraries, and the ability to add user-specific functions make this tool a must have. A simulation mode allows offline verification of programs, while reporting functions make it simple to verify and document.

This Windows PC based tool is available for download (link to download tab on AG site) from the product catalog on our corporate website.

Flexible configuration and extensive module libraries make SafeLogic compact the obvious choice for many applications. Examples include:

  • machine tools
  • print and processing machines
  • packaging machines
  • presses
  • handling and assembly systems
  • general automation