Machine tools

Example of machine tools: Economic energy saver

Power only if the process needs it: The needs-oriented pressure generation of the Sytronix speed variable pump drive reduces the energy requirement of the hydraulic system in machine tools by up to 70%.

Machine tools

Particularly with clamping and tension functions, the hydraulic system offers a unique advantage because it requires no additional energy for the pressure lock function. At this stage, Sytronix variable-speed pump drives significantly reduce the demand for energy. Sytronix FcP 5000, with the combination of standard engine and frequency inverter, offers a particularly cost-effective solution for machine tools to reduce the energy consumption of the hydraulic system by up to 30% - 70%, depending on the cycle characteristics.

At the same time, a pump with a smaller flow rate as well as a reduced cooling capacity is sufficient for the same flow rate.


Sytronix in machine tools: