DFEn 5000 System - How it Works


DFEn 5000 System - How it Works

Understanding the variable speed pressure flow and control

Sensors detect the current system pressure as well as the current engine speed and transfer these values to the pump-integrated digital on-board control electronics. After matching the current actual values with the target values transmitted by the control, the integrated control calculates the optimal speed for the entire drive strain.

The system operates an axial piston pump and its delivery volume can be adjusted through the pivot angle. The specialty of the DFEn system is that the hydraulic volume flow rate can be adjusted by adjusting the pivot angle, as well as by changing the rotational speed of the electric engine. Compared to the other Sytronix Variable Speed Pump Drives, the DFEn system's additional degree of freedom ensures a significant reduction of the strain on the electric engine under the same hydraulic conditions. The control system is available for pumps of the series A10 and A4, and can therefore be used for a wide range of applications.

A teach-in procedure can be used for high demands on the dynamics of the system in cyclically working machines to accelerate the system in time before a delivery flow rate increase.

A contact to speed up to minimum speed can be closed shortly before higher delivery flow rate needs (e.g. batch change) in non-cycle machines, so that the full dynamics of the control pump are available if necessary.

Axial piston pump for 2-quadrant operation (open hydraulic circle) Magnifier

Axial piston pump for 2-quadrant operation (open hydraulic circle)