Airline Hydraulics counts on GoTo

Marginal Column

The strength of the GoTo Focused Delivery Program can be attested to by its power users: Our Rexroth Solutions Distributors. One of these companies that have found multiple benefits from the GoTo Program is Airline Hydraulics of Bensalem, PA. Airline, a leading supplier of fluid power, automation and motion control products in the Northeast, features the GoTo Program prominently on the company's home page… and with good reason.

"The GoTo Program helps us focus on which products, out of the vast Rexroth product array, do we want to focus on and make sure we have on hand to help our marketplace," said Dave Wenner General Manager, Fluid Systems.

"Especially for our small- to medium-sized customers, or even the biggest OEMs who have some kind of 'oops' or 'uh-oh' that they didn't plan for, it's great to know that there's product available, in a quick fashion, with GoTo." He added that GoTo helps Airline offer more product and solution options to customers with specific motion control issues.

Wenner said that GoTo has also helped Airline restore trust with many customers because of the guarantees of market-best lead times for in-demand products: "What GoTo offers us is the ability to show Rexroth's commitment and credibility."

"Knowing a specific product is a GoTo item, we have that safety net of knowing that, if we don't have enough on hand or in the pipeline, we can reach into the GoTo network and get one pretty quickly."