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Going strong: Distributors discuss five years of GoTo™ growth

Marginal Column

Recently, two Rexroth distributor executives who helped shape the GoTo™ Program from the start—Harry Aghjian, CEO of CMA Flodyne/Hydradyne and his colleague Rob Shepherd, CMA Flodyne/Hydradyne President—shared their thoughts on the program’s achievements and future prospects.

Rexroth: You helped get the GoTo Program off the ground. From your perspective as a Rexroth business partner, what got it started, and what was its most important goal?

Rob: Both Bosch Rexroth management and the distributor management recognized that we needed to change the image of Rexroth’s ability to deliver product. We started with a market driven lead-time analysis—we needed to understand what the market requirements were.

Harry: To be honest, market driven lead-times were a paradigm shift that allowed us to actually address what the market needs were. We were excited by the idea, but hesitant too: Could it actually deliver? Obviously today it’s proven true. We were excited by the idea, but hesitant too: Could it actually deliver? Obviously today it’s proven true.

Rexroth: When you explain the program now, to a new customer, or one who hasn’t been a Rexroth customer for some time, what do you tell them?

Harry: Rob and I visit customers quite a bit … and we ask them, what’s the most important thing you need from Rexroth? Their answer is usually quick or on-time deliveries. We then illustrate that GoTo can provide that. We use the mobile app, or our printed literature, to show them the breadth of products that GoTo supports.

Rexroth: What are your expectations of the next five years for GoTo?

Harry: When GoTo first started I thought it might be a short-term gimmick and I was concerned about its longevity. So the fact that we are celebrating five years is huge, for me personally.

Rob: In my wildest dreams I did not think it would get to this level. I think that the management stays behind the program is probably the most important thing. Not just the Rexroth management but that the management for each of our organizations understands the significance of what it’s done. It isn’t just going to take care of itself at this point— we all have to drive it.