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Profile Connectors

Profile Connectors

Bolt Connector Kits provide the strongest right angle connection and require only 1 through hole in the profile to engage the bolt connector.

Use the 10mm Connection Link Kit to join two pieces of profile end-to-end. The Connection Kit can be used in any 10mm T-slot and requires no machining to install.

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  • The Bolt Connector provides the strongest connection and its centering pin makes it easy to achieve precise alignment
  • A 10mm Connection Link is ideal for extending the length of a profile
  • Joining Plates fasten to the outside faces of the profiles, leaving the inner T-slots free for panels or accessories
  • Joining Plates can be added to reinforce a structure after initial assembly
  • Three different styles of Joining Plates available in a variety of sizes
  • 45° Angle Connectors connect 45x45 profiles end-to-end at a 45° angle
  • 45x45 Multi-angle Connectors create a side-to-side, end-to-side, or end-to-end connection

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