T-Blocks, Springs, and Slide Bearings

T-Blocks, Springs, and Slide Bearings

These T-slot Connectors can be used to fasten heavy components and accessories anywhere along the T-slot. The extra large contact surface with the inside of the profile provides a strong secure connection.

Marginal Column


  • T-blocks slide into the end of the T-slot and are used to fasten heavy loads to profiles.
  • The extra large contact area provides a strong secure connection. Springs can be installed behind the T-blocks to hold them in place while making vertical connections.
  • Swivel-in Spring T-blocks provide the same benefits as the T-blocks but can be installed anywhere along the profile T-slot. They can be repositioned in the T-slot and the integrated spring holds the connector in position while making vertical connections.
  • Slide Bearings are suitable for drawers and sliding or lifting doors, and are ideal for applications where two profiles need to be moved manually along the same plane.

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