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Finishing Elements

  • Finishing Elements
    Finishing Elements

    End Caps in the “signal gray” color variant fulfill the demand for a neat, subtle finish to the profile. For ESD applications, end caps are offered in the black color variant to ensure visual differentiation.

  • Finishing Elements
    Finishing Elements

    Cover Strips provide a finished appearance to the profile T-slot and prevents accumulation of dirt and debris in the T-slot.

Marginal Column


End Caps

  • End Caps snap-in place into the end of the profile and won’t fall out accidentally.
  • Heavy-duty end caps are shockproof—suitable for heavy usage
  • Radius Compensators eliminate gaps and edges created when two profiles are connected in a T-junction. They are ideal for use in clean rooms or any other location where a smooth surface is a must.
  • No special tools required.

Cover Strips

  • Cover Strips install anywhere along the profile T-slot and are easy to cut to the desired length.
  • Aluminum Cover Strips match profile finish for a clean finished look.
  • Use to conceal wires.


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