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Workpiece Pallet


The TS 2plus GoTo offering consists of our most common workpiece pallet sizes, ranging from 160x160mm to 400x400mm. The GoTo offering includes: unassembled pallet kits, pallet plates, and pallet components.

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  • Unassembled workpiece pallet kits in sizes from 160x160mm to 400x400mm. Available with either PA or PE pallet frame modules and steel or aluminum pallet plates. Supplied in kit form to simplify machining of the pallet plate (eliminates the need to disassemble an already assembled pallet).
  • Pallet plates available in three styles: 4.85mm steel, 6.35mm aluminum, or 12.7mm aluminum.
  • Individual pallet components (including pallet frame modules, positioning bushings, spring pins, and reinforcing bolts), which are used as spare parts and also used in conjunction with customer supplied pallet plates.


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GoTo product focused delivery times are available only for the quantities and if applicable, the preferred options listed for the product. Order spikes can cause temporary extended lead times. If your need is critical please contact the factory for confirmed delivery times.