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Bladder-Type Accumulators


Hydro-pneumatic bladder-type accumulator

The HAB design is a hydro-pneumatic type accumulator with compressed nitrogen separated from hydraulic fluid by means of an elastomeric bladder. The current generation of bladder accumulators from Bosch Rexroth carries the HAB-6X designations. The HAB product line is available in many different configurations needed to meet the stringent demands of today’s market.


  • Sizes 1L to 50L
  • Hydraulic accumulator according to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • CE stamp on all units 2.5L and larger
  • NBR (buna) and ECO (Hydrin) bladder options
  • Two piece gas valve design for improved serviceability


  • Energy storage in systems with intermittent operation
  • Energy reserve for emergencies
  • Compensation for leakage losses
  • Impact and vibration dampening
  • Flow compensation based on pressure and temperature effects


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