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Diaphragm-Type Accumulators


Hydro-pneumatic diaphragm- type accumulator

The HAD design is a hydro-pneumatic type accumulator that utilizes compressed nitrogen to supply fluid to the hydraulic system. The nitrogen and hydraulic fluid are separated by means of an elastomeric membrane. HAD units are the diaphragm welded non-repairable type that can be supplied in both non-rechargeable and chargeable versions.


  • Hydraulic accumulator according to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC
  • HAD sizes range from 0.075L to 3.5L
  • HAD pressure rating 250 bar on most sizes, with special options available up to 350 bar.
  • HAD units are economical solutions for pulsation dampening and energy storage applications where only a small volume of usable fluid is required.
  • Very compact design allows for the use of the HAD product in the smallest of locations, industrial or mobile hydraulic in nature.
  • Multiple elastomer options for many different fluid and temperature driven applications.
  • Multiple fluid port options are available such as UNF, NPT, BSPP, and metric M threaded designs.
  • Two gas valve options are available for pre-charging, the standard Schrader valve type common for the US market (7/8”-14UNF connection) and the European standard M28 threaded connection.

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