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Desiccant Air Breathers


Silica gel air filter

Highly efficient breather desiccant BFSK-2X filter provides true air filtration and dehumidificaton of incoming and out going air flow. The BFSK series filters capture very fine contaminant particles and provide high dirt holding capacity using a pleated, microglass element.


  • Sizes 25, 40, 80, 125
  • Micro-glass filter element (3 microns) material provides true depth filtration
  • Check valve option to extend the life of the desiccant
  • Sturdy construction uses metal center tubes
  • Maintenance indicator option for improved monitoring
  • Desiccant material is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic
  • Desiccant pack is replaceable on sizes 40, 80, 125
  • Air filter element can be replaced on all sizes

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