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BODAS DI4 Display

The BODAS display DI4 series, offers a freely programmable high-resolution color display with a powerful 32-bit processor and a 7" display.

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The BODAS DI4 display series is a robust and high-resolution color display for use in mobile working machines. The display has a 7-inch screen (800 x 480 pixels) and enables direct connection to two video cameras, e.g. working space and rear view cameras. In addition to two CAN bus interfaces, the DI4 has various analog inputs and outputs, as well as an USB interface for fast data exchange. In conjunction with the integrated BODAS-service communication interface, the DI4 serves as a central access point to the CAN bus network of the machine and allows full diagnostic and flash updates for connected BODAS RC controllers.


  • iMX6 Solo processor, 800 MHz
  • 2 GB flash memory and 256 MB RAM
  • Large number of integrated interfaces as well as inputs and outputs:
    • 2× CAN 2.0B, 1× USB 2.0, 3× digital/analog inputs, 2× digital outputs, 2× analog video inputs (PAL, NTSC)
  • Integrated ambient light sensor
  • Free programming as well as individual visualization and allocation of functions through CODESYS development environment
  • Improved ease of use by ergonomic design
  • Flexible application and integration options
  • Diagnosis, parameterization and flashing of BODAS controllers without additional service tools


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