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BODAS Sensors and Connectors

BODAS sensors provide vital information to mobile hydraulics systems.

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Rexroth BODAS sensors measure different variables such as temperature of fluids, circuit pressure, angle of rotation, and position which provide vital information to mobile hydraulic systems. As a component of the BODAS system, these elements are designed to withstand high ambient loads, external vibrations and impact, and harmful fluids that are encountered in mobile applications.


  • Component of BODAS system for mobile applications
  • Robust design meeting specifications for mobile applications
  • High electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Inputs and outputs with fault detection Safety features such as redundant inputs and central safety cut-off for all outputs
  • Pulse-width-modulated (PWM) solenoid currents for minimum hysteresis
  • Closed-loop control of solenoid currents, i.e. not dependent on voltage and temperature
  • Sturdy, sealed aluminum housing

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