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GoPak™ Hydraulic Power Packs

GoPak™ Hydraulic Power Units

Custom-configured power units

Bosch Rexroth GoPak™ hydraulic power units (HPU) bridge the gap between standard market products and engineered-to-order power units for machine tool, plastics, automotive, material handling, presses, marine, and other hydraulic applications. Rexroth’s GoDesigner™ smart configurator software tool expedites the selection of pumps, motors, valves and other peripherals so customers can get quotes in a day, with lead times as short as four to six weeks (three weeks when configured with designated Rexroth “GoTo” sub-component products).


  • Millions of variants possible (expansive feature options)
  • High quality tank-top pump-motor group design
  • Reservoir sizes from 5 US gallons to 200 US gallons (mineral oil fluid)
  • Horsepower range from 1 to 75
  • Pressure range from 200 to 4000 psi
  • Pump displacement range from 4 to 140 cm3 per revolution (variable and fixed models)
  • Durable and attractive powder coated finish
  • Extensive and immediate document package on request - conditions apply (price and delivery, selection summary, terms and conditions, warranty, commissioning, bill of material, schematic, 2D dimensioned and ballooned drawing, interactive 3D model, highlighted sub-component data sheets)
  • GoTo variants ship in 3 weeks
  • Quotes provided via GoDesigner™ (advanced design configurator) in 1 business day or less
  • GoDesigner™ tool provides know-as-you-go pricing, detailed engineering tools for sizing optimization, and on-the-fly detailed sub-component information
  • Regional support across North America from our knowledgeable GoPak™ Champions (product, application, and design configurator expertise)

Technical Data

USA & Mexico:

See below for a complete listing of options (please note - some exceptions apply):

  • For GoTo GoPak™ variants (3 week shipping lead-time, max quantity of 1 unit), the following features of the standard GoPak™ have been limited as noted:
  • No combination starter with disconnect (Industrial Level). ALTERNATIVE – non-combination starter (Entry Level – no short circuit protection).
  • No aluminum barstock manifolds. ALTERNATIVE – ductile iron barstock manifolds (Electroless Nickel surface treatment)., without relief valve cavity.
  • No indirect immersion heater. ALTERNATIVE – direct immersion heaters.
  • No custom coatings/colours. ALTERNATIVE – powder coated black.
  • No forklift bracket. ALTERNATIVE – Use lifting strap or lugs.
  • No driptray.
Material Number Description Max. Quantity Shipment
(Business Days)
R991..... GOPAK-XXXXX 1 15

GoTo product focused delivery times are available only for the quantities and if applicable, the preferred options listed for the product. Order spikes can cause temporary extended lead times. If your need is critical please contact the factory for confirmed delivery times.