p/Q controller


p/Q controller

The input parameters for the card comprise the setpoint value for valve position, the setpoint value for pressure, the actual (feedback) pressure and any control mode signals. The pressure sensors with voltage interface receive their voltage supply from the card (z6/z8). Cards are for the connection of pressure sensors with both voltage and current signals.

The setpoint value for pressure is selected via potentiometer. The potentiometers can be supplied from the card (z32/b12). Test connections in the front plate and on the card are available for monitoring and compensation tuning of the most important parameters.


  • Analog amplifiers in Europe card format for installation in 19" rack
  • Suitable for servo solenoid valves with on-board electronics
  • Closed-loop position control with PID action
  • Short-circuit-proof outputs
  • External deactivation for pressure controller
  • Suitable for pressure sensors (1...6 V, 0...10 V, 4...20 mA)
  • Supply for pressure sensors
  • Detection of open circuit to pressure sensors
  • For valves with on board electronics (OBE)

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