Large Hydraulic Cylinders

Large Hydraulic Cylinders

The proven expert for more than 50 years

As a global player with an international network in production, sales, and service, Rexroth is always as big as you need it: as a cylinder supplier; as a main contractor for drive and control projects; and/or as a partner for lifecycle management support. Large hydraulic cylinders from Rexroth give your machinery the perfect fit – every time!

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Explore LHC technology from Rexroth

CIMS: Cylinder Integrated System

CIMS: Cylinder Integrated Measuring System

The Bosch Rexroth measuring system, provides a highly reliable solution to measure the movement of a hydraulic cylinder.

Seal Technology

Advanced Tribology

In-house development and combined know-how plays an important role when Rexroth combines technologies to achieve optimal solutions for its large hydraulic cylinders.

Enduroq Surface Coating

Enduroq Surface Coating

As a result of extensive R&D as well as collaboration with Rexroth's world-leading installation base, Enduroq meets the highest standards for cylinder protection.


Industry Cylinders



Did you know that more than 90% of the life cycle costs are determined during the design phase?

As a partner already in the engineering phase of the installation, Rexroth can save you maintenance time and costs, not to mention improving availability over the complete life cycle.

Unique Developments

Rexroth has developed unique construction details and piston rod technologies which offer a twofold advantage: in addition to a longer life span, Rexroth cylinders also save maintenance time and improve the uptime and profitability of installations.

Repair & Maintenance

Rexroth offers a wide range of repair and maintenance services. Our lifecycle management support is made up of spare part management and delivery, field service, regular health checks and inspections, repair and overhaul services and technology upgrades. With various dedicated service centres around the globe to support your maintenance operations.

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