Enduroq 2000/2200: Thermal sprayed surface technology

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The Enduroq 2000 series, based on the proven HVOF technology, is specifically suitable for heave duty applications in which wear resistance and corrosive environments play important roles. With its dual layer technology, Enduroq 2200 is widely used in highly corrosive environments like the offshore industry.

Thermal spraying

Worldwide thousands of large hydraulic cylinders, including piston rods treated with thermal spraying, are installed and have to perform in highly diverse environmental situations. Based on the proven HVOF technology, the thermal sprayed surface technologies Rexroth applies are the standard technologies for most applications. Alloyed powder is injected with high velocity and temperature in gas jet streams and sprayed with multiple passes onto the piston rod to reach the required layer of thickness. The combination of superior equipment, optimized process parameters, parameter control and the specific powder characteristics guarantee layer quality. All hydraulic cylinders can be equipped with thermal sprayed surface technologies and are referred to as Enduroq 2000 single layer and Enduroq 2200 dual layer.

Enduroq 2000

The Enduroq 2000 is a single layer surface technology for intensive use with all characteristics for optimal cylinder functionality in extreme environments. It offers a highly abrasive wear resistance through its high coating strength and nano-sized hard phases. The finished surface technology provides excellent sealing properties for low friction and minimal seal wear. Enduroq 2000 also offers exceptional corrosion protection in neutral environments. The unique high alloyed layer material combined with an extreme low porosity level, and a suitable thickness, guarantees a lasting surface protection.

Enduroq 2200

To protect piston rods against corrosion in the most severe maritime environments, Enduroq 2200 is a perfect choice. This dual layer surface technology combines the excellent properties of Enduroq 2000 with an extremely high corrosion protection. The Enduroq 2200 surface technology series meets tough international standards and is accepted by worldwide governmental agencies for civil engineering in coastal area applications.

Customer benefits:

  • Superb corrosion protection
  • Extreme high wear resistance
  • Significant layer thickness
  • Extremely low porosity level (<1%)
  • Zero permeability
  • Longer lifetimes
  • Minimum downtime