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Seal & fluid technology: Improving performance by minimizing wear of large hydraulic cylinders


The most critical aspect of large hydraulic cylinders is the combination of different technologies. The tribology interaction between surface technology, seal technology and fluid technology is essential. The in-house development and combined know-how plays an important role when Rexroth combines technologies to achieve optimal solutions for its large hydraulic cylinders.



Rexroth has developed a Seal Matrix for any number of applications and piston rod surfaces. This is the result of an extensive "tribology" development program in collaboration with world leading seal manufactures. Tribology analyzes friction, lubrication and wear of interaction surfaces in motion, guaranteeing improved lifetime.

Seal technology

Some seal configurations are able to withstand the complete extrusion gap, as well as being fit for speeds of up to 15 m/s, being useable for low-friction applications and making use of excellent wear properties. Other seal configurations are adjustable, maintenance friendly and non-sensitive to dirt.

Fluid technology

Using incorrect fluids in a cylinder will have catastrophic consequences. Rexroth recognizes the importance of customizing fluids that are adapted to specific requirements and related to used seal and surface technologies. Therefore, chemical resistance to seal materials, lubrication and fluid performance is extensively tested.

Customer benefits

  • Always the best surface technology for your application through application know-how and experience
  • Saving costs through the reduction in the total cost of ownership, extension of lifetimes and high quality
  • High reliability through in-house development and full support