Mill Type Cylinders


Cylinders Designed for Extreme Conditions

Bosch Rexroth offers the market's broadcast range of mill type cylinders which are robust in design, reliable in operation, and are particularly suited for use in extreme working conditions.

Typical Applications:

- Rolling mills & smelting works
- Presses
- Cranes
- Steel construction
- Shipbuilding



Rexroth's portfolio includes both screwed and welded mill type cylinders. Welded cylinders differ by their short, compact design which has been specially developed and tested for use in heavy industrial systems. Even in harsh environments, the powerful design allows for up to 2 million load cycles.

Key Features

- Threaded head, welded cap design

- High accuracy and precision thanks to integrated guide

- Patented secured air bleed device to protect against injury

- Self-adjusting/adjustable end position cushioning

- Inductive proximity switch for position monitoring

- Interchangeable due to ISO mounting specifications