HNC 100 series 2X

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The digital HNC100®2X Series axis controller is a freely programmable, bus-capable NC control assembly for both electromechanical as well as electrohydraulic drives.

It handles communication to the higher-level SPS or PC controller, to additional HNCs as well as the sequence control and the closed-loop control from up to two drives per unit that are independent of one another.

The VT-HNC100 equipment series 2x is phased out since 2012 and should be available as a spare part approximately until end of 2014.

The possibility of the repair service is planned to be available til 2018.


Control types

Description Version Size Date
Type with one axis 5.27 2.78 MB September 2010
Type with two axes 5.27 3.05 MB September 2010
Type SVNC 5.13 2 MB September 2010
Information on the changes * 2005 5 MB September 2010

* The file "Information about changes" cannot be opened directly on the Internet, but should first be saved locally on a PC and then opened.

Operating software

Description Version Size Date
WIN-PED 5 5.10 24 MB September 2010


Description Version Size Date
GSD-File 3.4 8 kB June 2007


Description Version Size Date

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