GoTo Analysis Kit System (GTAK)

Rexroth Fluid Analysis

Rexroth's new GTAK fluid sampling program is a quick and cost-effective service that makes it easy to identify possible oil contamination issues before system damange occurs. A frequent fluid and accurate testing program is a simple step that can be taken to ensure machine reliability and extend the life of your hydraulic equipment.


Importance of Oil Sampling

Hydraulic fluid is an essential component of your equipment and therefore your business. Proper maintenance is often taken for granted even though almost 80% of all machine breakdowns are due to fluid contamination. A fluid sampling program is the easiest, least expensive and most effective preventative measure you can take to stop problems before they occur.

Key Features of GTAK

Results provided in less than 48 hours Easy online access to recent and past test results Four ISO 17025 certified testing facilities across the US Recommendations on how to improve oil quality provided with test results 24/7 access to fluid analysis experts to help understand results.