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Oil Measurement Overview


More than 75% of all problems in fluid systems can be traced back to contaminated oil. Therefore, monitoring oil cleanliness is the most important factor in preventing system failures. Rexroth provides the systems and information needed to prolong the life of both new and existing hydraulic installations.

For more information on Rexroth oil measurement systems, click here .

To obtain a copy of our Oil Cleanliness Booklet, click here .

For more information about making the right hydraulic fluid choice for your system, please see below:

Hydraulic Fluids based on Petroleum Oil and Related Hydrocarbons (for all Rexroth hydraulic components)

RE90220 (PDF)

Environmentally Acceptable Hydraulic Fluids for Axial Piston Units

RE90221 (PDF)

Environmentally Acceptable Hydraulic Fluids HEPG, HEES for Axial Piston Units

RE90221-01 (PDF)

Fire-resistant, water-free hydraulic fluids (HFDR/HFDU)

RE90222 (PDF)

Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids – water-containing (HFAE, HFAS, HFB, HFC)

RE90223 (PDF)

Radial Piston Motor MCR for use with HF Fluids

RE90229 (PDF)