Complete solutions

For hydraulics applications requiring more than a specific standard components, Rexroth NFPA port pattern cast iron and aluminum subplates are a complete solution.

Rexroth Subplates Data Sheets

Download Size 6 subplate data sheet

RA45052 (PDF)

Download Size 10 subplate data sheet

RA45054 (PDF)

Download Size 16 subplate data sheet

RA45056 (PDF)

Download Size 22 & 25 subplate data sheet

RA45058 (PDF)

Download Size 32 subplate data sheet

RA45060 (PDF)

Download Size 10, 20, 30 subplate, pressure controls and pilot operated check valves data sheet

RA45062 (PDF)

Download Size 10, 20, 30 subplate, relief valves data sheet

RA45064 (PDF)

Download Size 5, 10, 16 subplate, flow controls data sheet

RA45066 (PDF)