Open, scalable and userfriendly

Our Multi-Ethernet platform with real-time capability allows you to openly choose from among key Ethernet protocols such as Sercos, Ether-Cat, Ethernet IP, and Profinet RT. This, in turn, makes it possible to flexibly connect the axis controller to higher-level control networks, regardless of the control manufacturer. Your control architecture remains intact while engineering outlay and hardware adaptations become a thing of the past.

Scalable translates into a wide selection of valve and axis controller functions. This wide selection of hydraulic and electrical functions enables you to meet the specific requirements of your applications, with the end result being a customized solution for the hydraulic drive. Maximum precision and functionality minimize your technical risk while reducing commissioning outlay.


The IAC-Multi-Ethernet is very userfriendly by design. Our Indra Works DS software tool assists you in commissioning, configuring, and diagnosing all motion control systems of the next generation. Indra Works also facilitates all aspects of project planning by reducing the number of interfaces. Leverage our know-how in hydraulic control technology to cater to customer requirements more quickly and at lower cost.

Best-in-class hydraulic controllers: Rexroth has acquired specialized know-how when it comes to understanding the correlation between hydraulics and motion control technology. This, in turn, forms this basis on which the control strategies for hydraulic and hybrid drives are optimized and translated into deployable software. Profit from our know-how!



  • direct-controlled high-response valves in servo quality
  • size 6 and 10
  • maximum operating pressure 315 bar
  • maximum volume flow 100 l/min
  • integrated digital axis control functionality (IAC)
  • Best-in-Class hydraulic controller
  • bus connection/service interface (Sercos, EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP, PROFINET RT)
  • actual value detection:
    • 2x configurable analog sensors (current/voltage)
    • 1x linear position measuring system (SSI, EnDat 2.2 or 1Vss)
  • internal safety function (can be used up to category 4/PL e i.a.w. EN 13849-1 requirements)
  • CE conformity i.a.w. EMC directive 2004/108/EC

Training - Customer and application-specific

IAC-based products in Lohr am Main

  • Maximum number of attendants: 4
  • Training courses of 1 or several days


Knowledge in the field of closed-loop control technology and systems

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