The Motion Control solution for applications with Siemens CNC Sinumerik 840 D(i) sl: IAC-R PROFIdrive. The high-response valve with integrated digital axis controller and clock-synchronized PROFIBUS DP/V2 is a single-axis controller optimized specifically for use under the Siemens control SINUMERIK 840D(i) sl.

Open and closed-loop control algorithms for optimum system behavior

The characteristics of closed-loop controlled drives significantly depend on the control algorithms used. The control electronics of the IAC-R PROFIdrive is tailored specifically to the application profile of the Siemens CNC control.


Controller functionalities:

  • Closed-loop position control with inner-loop velocity control
  • Clock-synchronous provision of the reference variable (control difference)
  • DSC functionality
  • Interpolation-capable axis controller
  • Closed-loop control of position/force/pressure
  • Override control (position/pressure or force)
  • PIDT1-controller

Interface for process connection to higher-level control:

  • Clock-synchronous command value provision according to PROFIdrive Profile V4.0

Configuration and commissioning are handled by means of the Rexroth software WinHPT from a PC or directly from the control 840D.


Training - Customer and application-specific

Training - Customer and application-specific

IAC-based products in Lohr am Main

  • Maximum number of attendants: 4
  • Training courses of 1 or several days


Knowledge in the field of closed-loop control technology and systems

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