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Rexroth SY.DFE. – Electrohydraulic Control System for Pressure and Flow

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Rexroth Sytronix – Energy-efficient Hydraulics with Variable-speed Pump Drives

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Short cycle times and reliable, high repeatability are top requirements of manufacturers of plastics processing machines. Bosch Rexroth meets this requirement with the SY.DFE, an electrohydraulic closed-loop control system that uses a variable displacement axial piston pump for controlling pressure, displacement and power without throttling losses in the power branch.

The SY.DFE provides the ultimate in hydraulic energy efficiency, electronically controlling both flow and pressure with exceptional speed and precision. A proven combination of a variable displacement axial piston pump of swashplate design and innovative proportional control electronics, the SY.DFE provides efficient, reliable controlling of the pump.


Primarily used in injection molding machines, the system is based on a Rexroth A10VSO or A4VSO axial piston pump. By adjusting the pump’s swashplate, flow and pressure can be infinitely varied, and the required flow and pressure can be generated fast and accurately for specific machine functions.

In addition, functional sequences in an injection-molding machine can be precisely controlled with the help of the SY.DFE. The flow control works without pressure losses in the power branch, which significantly increases the hydraulic efficiency within the machine. Moreover, the total efficiency of the machine is increased due to the high repeatability of the control.

Rexroth offers this system in three versions: SYDFE1 with external closed-loop control electronics, the SYDFEE, with analog, integrated functions, and the SYDFEC, which offers integrated, digital closed-loop control electronics and the optional field bus controlling via CAN, so that users in the plastics processing industry can benefit from a proven plug-and-play system.

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