Products: DFEE Pumps

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Rexroth SY.DFE. – Electrohydraulic Control System for Pressure and Flow

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Rexroth Sytronix – Energy-efficient Hydraulics with Variable-speed Pump Drives

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Hydraulic pumps with DFEE proportional control create only the exact amount of flow required for the current machine demand. The DFEE pump electronically controls both flow and pressure with exceptional speed and precision. DFE pumps will control all sequential operations on the machine with no other proportional requirements.

Flow control without pressure loss makes a DFEE-pump-powered injection molding machine the ultimate in hydraulic energy efficiency.

The pressure-compensated model AA10VSO/AA4VSO pump is the standard equipment used by most machine manufacturers for traditional valve controlled injection molding and blow molding machines. A wide range of control options makes the AA10VSO /AA4VSO pump flexible enough for any molding application.