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Filter Warranty Confirmation

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Rexroth Filtration Products can extend your power unit warranty

Did you know your Rexroth hydraulic power unit may be registered with our industry leading 36 month extended warranty?

Any power unit produced by Bosch Rexroth in the US since August 2012 has been automatically registered with a 36 month warranty that gives additional protection to all of the Rexroth Hydraulic components.*

Power units produced by any of our US authorized distributors may also be eligible for this extended warranty – ask your distributor sales person or representative for more information.

  • A&L Hydraulics, Inc
  • Airline Hydraulics, Inc
  • CMA/Flodyne/Hydradyne
  • Fluid System Components
  • Gulf Controls Company, LLC
  • Hydraulic Controls, Inc
  • Hydrotech, Inc
  • Innotek Engineered Products
  • Iowa Fluid Power, Inc
  • John Henry Foster, Co.
  • Livingston & Haven Tech.
  • Morrell, Inc
  • Valin Corporation
  • Womack Machine Supply Co.

Now you can check your warranty registration quickly and easily online with our online warranty confirmation form.

Confirm My Warranty

Find your local authorized Rexroth distributor

Why should you confirm your warranty registration?

  • Confirm the warranty period that your HPU is covered under the extended warranty program
  • Understand the details of the warranty including what is and is not covered by the warranty and requirements to maintain the warranty
  • Receive a follow up letter of Warranty Confirmation documenting the warranty period and including the unique part numbers and model codes of the replacement filter elements for your HPU
  • Receive a free gift from Bosch Rexroth!

Already registered? Our Filter Warranty FAQ’s document provides answers to the most frequently-asked questions.