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Hägglunds CAb radial piston motors

Hägglunds CA radial piston motors

The Hägglunds CAb motor is the optimal choice in lighter applications.

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Unmatched power density

The new Hägglunds CAb motors with their extreme power density and high flexibility, will make hydraulic direct drives the optimal choice in lighter applications. The motors have unmatched power density, with the unique ability to deliver full torque and full speed simultaneously.

Perfect internal symmetry ensures consistent torque throughout the revolution, as well as a perfect balance of forces that minimizes noise and vibration. Compared to competitor solutions, the CAb motors provide 10-15% more torque for the amount of energy put in. Since they weigh so much less, they use less energy in the highspeed range.

Fourteen configurations in small torque steps allow tight dimensioning and optimization in relation to the hydraulic pumps. With only two mechanical interfaces in all configurations, easy adaptation is also possible. From high energy efficiency to a better working environment, the new Hägglunds CAb range means powerful benefits in plastics and beyond.

Key Hägglunds CAb features

Bosch Rexroth hydraulics technology is counted on worldwide to deliver outstanding performance in industrial and mobile applications. As the technology leader, we refine each system to incorporate the quality and capabilities you need to help maximize your system performance:

  • Excellent controllability
  • High starting torque at 0° rotation
  • Variable speed, 0-100%
  • Shock load protection
  • Low weight
  • Low moment of inertia

Maximum intermittent torque and speed

Choose from five Hägglunds CAb models to match your torque and speed requirements.


Service for Hägglunds systems

Bosch Rexroth backs its Hägglunds drive technology with expert service and maintenance programs. Available exclusively through Bosch Rexroth, our Hägglunds service offerings feature quick assistance from certified service specialists, genuine Hägglunds spare parts, state-of-the-art techniques, inspection methods and tools.