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GoDesigner™ Design Configurator

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Use of GoDesigner is presently only available to Bosch Rexroth and Bosch Rexroth Sales Partner Associates.


Millions of combinations. One right solution.

The right way to create your next hydraulic power unit is to have the GoPak team put the GoDesigner design configurator to work on your project. Instead of selecting from a list of pre-configured systems, they’ll help you specify all of the major components and accessories to achieve the exact GoPak unit that your plant or operations require.

Powerful and fast, the GoDesigner tool has Rexroth’s unique “know-how” engineered in, with the options available for the GoPak unit, as well as the intelligence, sophistication and ease of use of the GoDesigner tool. GoDesigner makes sure that you get what you want – quickly and efficiently.

To receive a GoPak quotation:

Please either contact a GoPak Champion , the Bosch Rexroth Sales Partner or Regional Office in your location , or use the online RFQ form here: Get a quote in 1 Business Day or less


GoDesigner: Here’s how it works

With drop-down menus and point-and-click features, the GoDesigner tool recreates, in software form, the process/logic steps normally followed for manual HPU design configuration. There are three major steps in the design configure workflow:

  • Configure the pump/motor group
    Configure the pump/motor group
    • Select components based on hydraulic power requirements: flow rate, pressure and return flow
    • Component options automatically supplied: pump types and displacements, motor types and sizes, reservoir sizes
    • Built-in intelligence offers highly specific product choices, saving time and keeping the GoPak unit you’re designing technically accurate and consistent
  • Select key accessories
    Select key accessories
    • Select and specify other components as well — valve assemblies, pressure sensors and gauges, filters
    • Expanded range of accessories to meet unique needs
    • Enhanced engineering tools support the optimized sizing of sub-components for your application
    • Accurate pricing and technical data for each accessory available to help guide your choices
  • Review complete documentation
    Review complete documentation
    • Bill of materials automatically builds as your system is designed and configured
    • Complete documentation delivered electronically — including accurate design drawings of entire GoPak unit, all components correctly integrated
    • Sub-component data sheets, additional technical data and 3D models available for each feature/option component

Proven Fast Delivery

The faster we deliver your GoPak unit, the faster it delivers value to your operations. So from initial request to final configuration, our streamlined Design Engine process saves time.

Your quote requests submitted through our online form are quickly processed by a GoPak champion and turned around within one business day or less.

From that point, the Design Engine leverages multiple program advantages:

  • The GoPak™ software provides the ability to view current available to promise (ATP) component data, enabling the user to knowingly influence delivery by varying the component selection
  • Focused component stocking programs equip us to build your unit faster
  • Assembly and testing is performed within one day
  • 4-6 week delivery on average

Dynamic Documentation

Your GoPak solution is supported by a comprehensive documentation package, crafted in parallel with the actual unit’s configuration.


Your GoPak unit's documentation is delivered in a two-step process:

Initial Summary: On submission of your Request A Quote, we generate a Configuration Summary and legal documents for your review and to confirm specification before we proceed with your unit’s configuration; this includes pricing and delivery terms

GoPak Delivery Package: Your complete technical documentation of system components, dynamically generated to fully support your GoPak unit’s unique configuration; it will include:

  • Bill of Material
  • Hydraulic Schematic
  • 2D General Assembly Drawing
  • Interactive 3D Model (Other CAD formats available upon request
  • Complete Set of Datasheets - core components & accessories