Omega Modules

  • Extremely compact precision aluminum profile with integrated Rexroth ball rail system for optimal travel
  • One-point lubrication feature of the Rexroth ball rail system on the carriage (grease lubrication only using a manual grease gun)
  • With center holes in the carriage and on the end plates
  • Driven by a toothed belt for high dynamics and high traversing speeds
  • Also optional with planetary gearbox and servo motor

Additional information

Omega modules (OBB) with ball rail systems and tooth belt drives for speeds of up to 5.0 m/s. Omega modules are ready-to-install linear axes for any installation position in freely configurable lengths of up to 5,500 mm. Due to the constructive structure, omega modules are particularly suited to applications where the frame extends into the working area.

  • Available in three sizes up to a length of 5,500 mm
  • With planetary gearbox (PG) or angular planetary gearbox (WPG) with various gear ratios
  • Pneumatic clamping element is optional
  • Wide range of accessories available

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