MKK Linear Modules

MKK Ball Screw Driven Modules

MKK - Linear Modules with Ball Rail System and Precision Ball Screw Assembly for high feed forces, accurate positioning and repeatability.



  • A compact, anodized aluminum frame
  • An integral Ball Rail System
  • Carriage with one-point lubrication
  • The clearance-free adjusted Precision Ball Screw Assembly (also available without drive unit)
  • Modular design for easy switch and accessory mounting
  • An AC servo drive motor (available without motor and with other motor types)
  • Motor mount, coupling or side drive with timing belt for motor mounting
  • Cover provided by:
    • plastic strip on MKK 15-65
    • Corrosion-resistant steel strip to DIN EN 10088 on MKK 20-80 and MKK 25-110
    • bellows on MKK 35-165
  • Screw support for MKK 25-110
  • Control Units